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February 2, 2011

Mind Saver
When computers were gaining popularity in the late 80's, I remember how the images on the screen would burn into the monitor, leaving a lasting impression. Thus, the creation of the screen saver to help minimize this issue.

I am experiencing a similar issue, but first I need to provide the back story. Two weekends ago, I purchased a game for my laptop called Jewel Quest II. Needless to say, I have played this game so much during evenings and weekends that my neck, back and wrists hurt! (Can you say, obsessive compulsive disorder?) Besides creating body aches, this addictive game-playing behavior is embarrassing and a HUGE waste of time.

So now whenever I close my eyes, the image of these bright jewels are tattooed on my eyelid insides. I need a new "screen saver" before I lose my mind! 
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January 31, 2011

Feet in mouth
For once, the title of this blog doesn't apply to me! (Although, I'm sure that I've done my share of hoof chewing!)

The support I've received from friends for my new job has been amazing and humbling. However, there have been a handful of "well-wishers" that have left me feeling a bit puzzled: are they hoping I succeed or are they hoping I fail? (There is a definite difference between "Good luck!" and "Gooooooood Luck - you're going to need it!)

Tonight I ran into an acquaintance who immediately asked if I am overwhelmed, with her doubt in my abilities hanging heavy on her words. What felt good though, was my honest and natural response: not only did I confidently answer "No" to her question, I am truly comfortable in my skills and talents to do this job well. That is, as long as I keep my feet on the ground and out of my mouth!
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