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January 19, 2011

First things first
It's hard to be a newbie again, being on the learning end, experiencing a daily routine for the first time. During my first eight days as Chamber Director, I've had my first staff meeting, first exec council meeting, first board meeting, first ribbon cutting, first Chamber Chat, first Business After Hours, first customer complaint...while my son enjoyed his first snow day, first sick day and first half-day-off-due-to-weather at the same time. Lots of firsts, yet still, lots of fun.

Like a new romance, a new job can bring an exhilaration and excitement to otherwise "normal" duties. So far, I'm enjoying my honeymoon stage, but I know that eventually, the thrill will wear off. Hopefully, I'll be as fortunate settling into work life as I have with married life - less highs and lows, but no less satisfying!
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