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January 15, 2011

Birthday Boy

With Garrett's birthday two days after Christmas, the poor kid often gets gypped from a celebration. We always have a family gathering, but usually his friends are either not around or are too busy to celebrate on the exact day. Heck, this year I didn't even bake him a cake - who wants to eat cake after a month of gluttony? (One year, I baked brownies and put a toy train in the middle - looked like a derailed train stuck in mud.)

So, this year, we told him we would host a party and invite his entire class. Last night, 14 first-graders swarmed the rented gymnasium, and a cacophony of screams, hoots and giggles followed. We played all kinds of tag (ever heard of Toilet Tag? Very popular with 7-year-olds!), games and chases. I wondered why none of them had heard of Red Rover, when one little girl ended up getting knocked down, hitting her head hard on the floor. (Note to all parent readers: Red Rover can be dangerous and is not allowed in schools anymore. Good deal we purchased a new First Aid kit for the event - now we need to replace our ice pack!)

It was fascinating watching Garrett interact with the others as well as enjoy the spotlight. When opening gifts, he sat in middle court, with all of his friends surrounding him in a circle. Talk about literally "holding court!" Anything Garrett said, which was a lot, was met with giggles galore. I was so proud of how he genuinely made over every gift (pleasing the gift-givers) and his friends were so excited for him and his new treasures.

With the exception of a slight concussion, I think a fun evening was had by all!

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January 12, 2011

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)
From the car's back seat, my son offers up out of nowhere, "When I turn Dad's age (which is 43), the year will be 2046."

In typical fashion, I thought out loud, "Let's see, if your dad was 36 when you were born, and you are 7 now, then that means 36 plus 2010 equals 2046. Yep, you're right!"

After I marveled at how he was able to figure out that complex math problem, he told me all he did was add 2003 (the year he was born) to 43 to get 2046. 

Duh, Mom.
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January 11, 2011

So far, so good!
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to begin my new job: a snow storm closed down school for the day and basically shut in most of the town. As fluffy snow fell outside, I was all warm and cozy inside getting my computer, desk, files and office in order. It was an incredibly productive day and I felt so much better prepared to face all that I have ahead of me.

Of course, the Chamber staff and the rest of the Welcome Center gang made me feel...well...welcomed! I walked into an office adorned with ribbons (another story, another time), balloons, streamers and a welcome sign. Best of all (and while not necessary, appreciated all the same!), a brightly-colored wrapped gift waited for me on my desk.

Today I attended my first Exec Board Meeting, followed by a staff meeting, with the day ending with a Business After Hours Event. A busy day, but fun nonetheless!
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