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January 7, 2011

Goodbye - Hello

Lately, I have felt like the race car at the starting line, revving up its motor but not moving anywhere. I'm ready to start my new job on Monday; ready to put into motion all of the ideas that have been swimming around in my head. However, I was not looking forward to today.

Last night I couldn't sleep, dreading the goodbye's I would share today. This May, I would have worked 10 years at Nex-Tech, and that is a long time to create some wonderful friendships. I absolutely adore my current team and those I work with every day - to think of not seeing them daily makes me blue.

I arrived to work to find a huge gaily-wrapped gift on my chair. The card brought tears to my eyes, which was quickly replaced by laughter as one wrapped box was tucked inside another wrapped box, when I finally found the best gift - Hays Area Chamber Cheques!!! (Good one, gals!) We then shared some yummy treats brought in my honor - if I left any legacy at Nex-Tech, it was introducing them to the best cinnamon rolls ever made by the Bakery Shop! YUM!!!

Some of the harder goodbyes are yet to come, and I'm sure by day's end, I'll cry a bit more. Thanks to all who made my time at Nex-Tech one I will always treasure.

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January 2, 2011

Bringing in the New Year German-style
Growing up, my husband “winched” on New Year’s Day. Basically, this was an area Volga-German tradition of wishing family and friends a Happy New Year. Similar to Halloween, he would go from house to house, share a wish in German, and receive money (usually a dollar coin or crisp dollar bill) while the parents enjoyed treats (and probably some type of adult beverage). Gerard has such fond memories of this celebration and we have enjoyed sharing this ritual with our son.

Interestingly, I surfed the Internet for the actual spelling of the winching message (in German, wünsche means wish), and I struggled finding postings. The only two items I did find was from a blog reflection of his days in Ellis County, KS (which our home town of Hays is located) and an article from Topeka, KS. I was surprised not to find more information - this is such a great tradition and one that should be continued regardless of location or ancestry!

So, in keeping with the Old World spirit:
Ich wünsche euch ein glückseliges Neues Jahr. Langes Leben. Gesündheit. Fried und Einigkeit. Und nach dem Tod, ewig Glückseligkeit. (I wish you [everyone in your family] a luck-filled New Year. Long life. Good health. Peace and unity. And after death, eternal happiness.)

P.S. Sorry this posting is a day late – I was busy yesterday winching to my non-virtual friends and family!
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