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December 31, 2010

Making a list, checking it twice
It’s resolution time, and when trying to explain to my son about setting goals, making lists, etc., he answered that my New Year’s Resolution should be “doing great at my new job!” I agree, but for the sake of a list, I’ll be more specific.

Be successful in 2011’s Pound Plunge by doing the following:
   a.    Exercise more – specifically, 3 times per week or more.
b.    Reduce size of portions.
c.    Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies daily (i.e. a food rainbow).
2.   Read my new “One Year Chronological Bible,” cover to cover.
3.   Reach my professional goals at the Chamber (see separate list in future blog).
4.   Continue with a personal balanced budget, saving for high priced items, such as a new vehicle or washer & dryer. (I’m proud to share we reached our 2010 goal of paying off credit cards and all loans w/exception of house. YEAH!)
5.   Re-evaluate all lists and goals this summer.

I know reaching these goals will take perseverance. As an eighth-grader, I won the county spelling bee with this word “perseverance.” Being a good speller is one skill, but being able to steadily pursue a goal despite obstacles or discouragement is another skill, and one I hope to improve upon in 2011!
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December 29, 2010

My Christmas Dream
As you are aware, I begin a new job on January 10 – and as would be expected, I’m getting more anxious, nervous and excited with every passing day. However, the dream I had on Christmas Eve sounds as if it came straight from Dickens’ Christmas Carol, yet it is completely true!

I dreamt I’m at a conference with my present-day boss, Steve. As we leave the hotel for the airport, we run into my previous boss, Deb, at the elevator. While talking to her, Steve disappears and we search for him to no avail. We rush to the airport to search for him there, and in the chaos of airport traffic, I lose Deb in the process. Panicked, I continue searching for them both until I realize I am late for my flight. An airline attendant directs me to my gate, but in the confusion, I get on a different plane travelling to another destination.

How fitting to get a “visit” from both present-day and past-day bosses (or ghosts, to parallel Chuck) right before I’m about to lead an office on my own and head in a new direction. I’m sure there will be moments of self-doubt, but I take with me the wisdom and knowledge gained from great mentors to help make my future seem a bit less scary.
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December 28, 2010

Bah Hum Bug to Blessed
Our church held a service on Dec. 21, the winter solstice that is otherwise known as the Longest Night. The message during this service is one of hope – at a time when some people struggle with loss or sadness while others rejoice in the festive season. I was honored to sing at the event, and found myself thinking back to my own struggles with this particular holiday.For more than a decade, Christmas was the time of year I felt most left out: at family gatherings I was the only single person or, once married, the childless one. While my siblings celebrated the next phase of their lives, I was left watching. Personally, Christmas became a day to dread, knowing that well-meaning friends and relatives would replace this question “When are you going to get married?” with “When will you have children?” Thankfully, I was blessed with a wonderful husband, yet our struggles with infertility would tarnish the holiday most known as a celebration for children. For years, we knew it was possible we might never hear the “pitter patter of little feet” as our very own children raced early Christmas morning to see if Santa had visited. How fitting that God would choose the holiday season and bless us with our very own child on December 27. It’s good to remember that our greatest joys often come after we experience pain or heartache, and we should never give up hope.
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December 26, 2010

Birthday Memories

Garrett loves to hear about "the good 'ole days" and so I relived seven years ago when he was a babe still in my tummy. He asked all sorts of questions, like when did we go to the hospital and whether it hurt. I didn't share all of the details, but I did share how my tummy would roll back and forth when he moved around inside.

After listening with an expression of mixed fascination and horror, he declared, "I'm glad I'm a boy."

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

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A little holiday stink
To "help" out my boys with their Christmas shopping, I found 2 items I really wanted, so I ordered them. Gerard kept them in his closet and together the boys wrapped the gifts: one was a baseball shaped purse and the other was a black cat nightshirt.

A few days before Christmas, I mentioned to Garrett that I really would like a new purse in case they needed gift ideas for me. Garrett's face lit up and he asked, "Can I tell you a secret?" which was of course, quickly followed up by, "But don't tell Dad."

He told me they did get me a purse, explaining that "we saw your old purse was all cracked and ripped, so we knew you needed a new one!" (I think my son has a future career in sales.) He then said he had another "secret" to share. I figured I would hear about the nightgown, so I prompted him further. He told me, "we bought you a bracelet." Hmmmm, didn't know about that gift.

Of course, I shared these "secrets" with Dad, who just laughed at me and told me my son was fooling me (yeah, nice try, Dad). As I'm opening the last gift on Christmas morning, I announced that I thought it was a bracelet. Guess what, that turkey DID pull my leg! He proudly told Dad how he lied (and quite adeptly at that!) to me so I wouldn't know about the nightgown. Nicely played, young man, nicely played.
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