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December 14, 2010

A New Journey

It was brought to my attention that my "fan base" was upset I hadn't posted my latest achievement. (I was floored I had a fan base - how cool is that?!?!)

I'm proud to share I accepted the position of Executive Chamber for the Hays Area Chamber of Commerce. I'll officially end my just-shy-of-10-year-employment history at Nex-Tech on Friday, January 7, 2011. My first day at the Chamber will be that following Monday, January 10.

To say the least, I'm excited and thrilled for this new challenge - and I think it's fair to call it a challenge! It's a big step for me professionally and personally, and I'm thankful to have an incredible supportive group of family and friends to help see me through the tougher times. Gerard has been absolutely wonderful through all of this: supportive, encouraging, helpful and, I should add, humbling. Yep, he now calls me the "Chamber Maid." Oh, isn't he funny.

Garrett likes the idea that I won (i.e. came in FIRST - very important for this six-year-old) but I think he's far more interested in what kind of treats there will be waiting for him in my new office. When the Hays Daily News published the front-page story of my hiring, (check out  - story ran on December 9, 2010), I asked Garrett to read the story for me out loud. After three paragraphs, he got bored, and so I continued reading for him. When I finished, I turned to him and asked him, "Pretty cool, huh?"

His response: "Cool? What's cool? Where's the Sports?" Ahh, thank goodness for my family in keeping me grounded!

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