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December 7, 2010

My mind's made up!
After much consideration (and 2 chiropractor appointments later), I've made the decision to NEVER again participate in a 5K run. Maybe I'll walk another 5K, but running really jarred my back out of whack! And for someone who struggles with constant back problems, I don't need to aggravate my back any more than I have to!

However, the run did help me realize two things: I am proud to say I ran almost an entire 5K race - I set the goal and I reached it! This race also sparked my interest in getting back into shape just for the health of it. Instead of focusing on the scale or a race, I want to focus on feeling better overall.

My next goal: to work out for one month consistently 4 times (or more) a week at the gym. Oh yeah, and not to pig out over the upcoming holidays.
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