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November 24, 2010

Nightmare on 18th Street
The heavy damp vine hugged the side of my body, its leafy tentacles wrapping around first my waist, then my legs. Heat radiated everywhere as I quickly became drenched in sweat. The weight was suffocating as panic began to race through my veins and I…

…woke up to find my son snuggled in tight with his arms and legs entwined around my body. His hot sweaty body hugged me full-length as he slept so peacefully. A whole queen-sized bed and the two of us are taking up only a small space. I love to snuggle, but I’d rather not wear my child for my pajamas. No wonder I wake up feeling tired! I think it’s time for a nap!

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November 23, 2010

Fascinating people (other than me)
If you could meet anyone in the world, living or deceased, who would that be? I’ve been asked this question before; I’ve also heard this asked of celebrities, and, interestingly enough, both Oprah and I share the same answer: Jesus. My guess is many people would be in agreement.

However, if I had to name someone else, I find myself drawn to those people who experienced something profound yet were not those standing in the spotlight. For instance, I would love to meet the pilot who flew President George Bush in Air Force 1 that fateful September day when this was the only plane in the sky. This pilot was protecting the most powerful person in the world, not knowing if more attacks were coming. What was he thinking? How does someone prepare for an experience such as this?  Does he have any regrets or wish he would have taken different action at the time? What did he do after he knew the President was safe?

How about the limousine driver cruising along that Dallas grassy knoll years ago? Perhaps some historians know his name, but his life, too, was forever changed by JFK’s assassination, and yet I have never seen or heard his testimonial.

I’d love to know who all my readers would like to meet or have met that you found fascinating. Feel free to share your story in the comment section!
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November 21, 2010

Anniversary Celebration!

Tomorrow is my blogging anniversary - one year of blogging my thoughts, ideas and life stories. What a year! I've had a blast writing - far more than I ever dreamed. In fact, the whole blog idea really came about as a dare from my supervisor, and I wanted to prove to him I could do it. I guess I ended up proving far more to myself, with the experience reminding me how much I enjoy writing.

I'm pleased to share I just purchased another year with my domain - in my first year, I had 951 clicks to my site, so hopefully next year I can reach the 2,000 click mark. Here's to another great 365 days of self-expression!

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