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October 7, 2010

Training Set Back

As you have noticed, September brought many happenings (unexpected and otherwise) that threw me off of my schedule. The hardest hit routine was that of my half-marathon training. For almost three weeks, my body has overcome sickness and settled quite comfortably into a heavy supper routine with appetizer or cocktail menu. And of course, Halloween, my favorite time of the year, presents many wicked treats in the form of chocolate pumpkins and other scary shapes and sizes. (Honestly, what other tradition can you think of that rewards scary behavior with candy and it's OK???)

But with the new month, comes a new fitness routine and I hope that this blog shows in a month’s time my return to a successful exercise habit!

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October 6, 2010

Do-Re-Me and My Husband

Tonight I power-walked for the first time since having strep throat. I have to admit, my sides ached! But this ache came from laughter, not from over-exertion. You see, I borrowed my husband's iPod Shuffle, just to change up my exercise routine.

I knew he had eclectic taste in music (I said in MUSIC, not in wives), but listening to his musical selections had me tickled. So much so, I paid no attention to the forming blister on my heal and instead waited anxiously for the next song to begin. Who in the world would be next?

The musical collection kicked off with Glenn Campbell, followed by Bee Gees, Lone Star, Neil Diamond, Van Halen (with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar in lead singing), some current hits I'm not familiar with, Beyonce and Phil Vassar. And then, Engelbert Humperdink?!?! Really, Gerard? (The image of my husband pumping iron to this tune really got the ole side-ache going!)

No sooner than I thought "What? No Eddie Rabbit?" I hear the familiar finger-snapping melody to "I love a Rainy Night." You just have to LOVE a man that likes his Eddie...and Neil...and Huey...and Billy...and Barry...and Kenny...and...

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October 5, 2010

Oh, Holy Game

Animated and flushed, my son came running to me, excited to shared highlights of his imaginary football game. His school's team had just "played" his cousin's team and "they won!"

Yes, the O'Loughlin Eagles beat the Holy Family Jesus's. Does this make us bad Christians?

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October 4, 2010

Iím pooped!

What a busy end to a month! Mid-September, I got strep throat, and it seemed I played catch-up the rest of the time. I did everything possible to not lose my voice, so that I could sing in a wedding, which meant not cheering too loudly for my son’s first-ever flag football game. (At one point during his game, I see this honest-to-goodness blur as a kid runs to dive/tackle the ball runner. It wasn’t until I see the kid get up that I recognized it was Garrett!) The month ended with volunteering for the local United Way effort, attending several Chamber Executive Director interviews as well as FHSU Homecoming activities, all while balancing prep for my class.

How sad that I couldn’t even remember what my last blog posting was about. Hopefully, October will be far more manageable than September!

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