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September 7, 2010

Pursuit of Passion

Faith Hill was once asked what she would be doing if she hadn’t succeeded in becoming a major recording artist. Her answer? She would still be singing in clubs or at events, trying to make it to the big time.


My husband as a four-year-old used to call imaginary plays pretending to be a Sports Announcer. We even have a tape (yes, cassette tape) of him calling an entire game, commercials and half-time show included.


Both Gerard and Faith are great examples of living their childhood dream. That level of passion combined with the unrelenting pursuit of a passion is so admirable.


For some reason, my childhood dream of becoming a world-renowned detective that rode her own horse just doesn’t seem as magical now as it did at age six.

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September 6, 2010

Who you really are counts

I believe building quality professional relationships is rooted far deeper than the simple feel-good interaction between customer and employee…specifically I believe it is a philosophy and lifestyle that goes far beyond the office.


My argument to support this belief is simple. I question whether people who treat their family and friends poorly in everyday (yet, what I define our most important) relationships are capable of treating me well as a customer or employee.


I’ve known people who are supposedly in the “people” business that have (and this is a cumulative list of personal observations with many different folks):

   -cheated on their spouse.

   -worked gobs of overtime to avoid going home to their family.

   -bragged about “grounding” their kids and even how they win verbal fights with their mate or child.

   -showed me their bruised hand after hitting their back-talking teenager (NEVER OK!).

   -continuously spoke negatively about or directly to their spouse or children.

   -treated friends unfairly or meanly (otherwise known as “screwing another person”)


Heck, former President Clinton is a great example. I believe that how you act during your private life DOES matter. That your relationships outside of the office dictate how you will treat others while in the office (political or business).

By all means, one instance alone may not be a concern, but when I can see a trend of disrespect, I become worried. I mean, if someone can poorly treat another that they birthed, befriended or vowed to love, then why would they care about me?

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