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September 2, 2010

1 Down, only 2 more (miles) to go!

Running last night seemed so (dare I say it?) easy! I'm not sure to credit my new shoes, the cooler weather, the possibility I'm in better shape or a combination of all of these.

I do know that I ran further than just a few blocks but I didn't know exactly how far until we drove the path and consulted with our car's odometer: I was shy of running one mile without stopping! My entire route was a bit over three miles, and I jog/walked the course in less than an hour. I'm so pumped! I've officially signed up for the FHSU 5K Run/Walk on October 2 - my plan is to run this race as a great prep for the half-marathon later in the month. Definitely on target to reaching my goals!

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Eye of the Beholder

Here are some interesting facts of the world around us that I’m sure don’t surprise anyone:

-Americans cannot agree on their nation’s leadership or direction and are polarized by political parties and agendas.

-Religions world-wide believe passionately, to the point that some would fight to the death for these beliefs, that their Spiritual path is right and all others are wrong.

-Sport enthusiasts root on their teams weekly, praying for their team to win, while the opposing players and fans are praying for this same team to lose.


We all are surrounded by equal and opposite thoughts and reactions. Why is it then that so many people believe there is only one RIGHT way to market their company and/or product?

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