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August 28, 2010

First day of (college) class

I arrived to the FHSU campus early on Tuesday; my plan was to review the classroom's technology before beginning my presentation. The teacher before me ran late, so I stood out in the hallway, while the students gathered for their next session. As two students greeted each other for the first time since last spring, I overheard their conversation - it went something like this:
Girl: "Hey - how was your summer?"
Boy: "Great - what class are you waiting for?"
Girl: "International Finance - and you?"
Boy: "Marketing Principles - have you taken it yet?"
Girl: "Yeah, it was pretty dry and full of definitions. Who is teaching your class?"
Boy: "Someone named Wellbrock; I'm not sure who that is."

At this point, I felt uncomfortable letting them talk about me unknowingly while I stood behind them. So, in typical Tammy fashion, I leaned forward and said: "I hear she is a babe."

The boy swung around as I extended my hand and introduced myself. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him even as I joined the others in laughing at his discomfort. It's sure to be an interesting semester!

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August 25, 2010

Back in the saddle

After a week break from training, I'm pleased that I got back on that "blankety-blank horse" and exercised an hour each evening the past 3 nights. I could have beat myself up, lost focus and played the blame game for missing valuable training time. However, I didn't and I am pleased to share that tonight's walk/run included far more running than I have done in years! Just a few weeks ago, my "run" consisted of two blocks followed by fear of a pending heart attack for the remainder of my winded walk. Now I'm up to three-block increments (alternating walking and jogging) for a full hour - definite progress in my book!

It can be hard to give ourselves that important "atta-girl" or pat on the back, but I believe in positive reinforcement. Because tomorrow, I will need all the encouragement I can to keep pushing to four more blocks, then five, then...

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August 23, 2010

It's the simple things

Why I looked down, I don't know because I never check on my odometer (yes, this frustrates my husband). But the one moment I do glance down, my odometer reads 111111. How cool is that?

So, maybe I find joy in bizarre places, but I like looking at the clock to see the same number of the radio station I'm listening to. Or seeing a license plate number the same as my birth-date (yes - there was a cop car in Scott City, KS who "shared" my special number!)

Happiness isn't so hard to find - you just have to be open to enjoying the little moments.

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