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August 13, 2010

Wellbrock's Equinox

Mark August 13 on your calendars for the amazing annual phenomenon known as Wellbrock's Equinox: today, Garrett spent half the day playing baseball, and the other half playing football.

Slowly but surely, footballs and helmets have taken over our household, outnumbering the baseball toys that are trickling back into closet storage. The shoes strategically placed in our living room have switched from serving as bases to sideline chains. The family (OK, maybe not all family members) made a tough decision on whether we watched the Royals or the Chiefs (whose first pre-season game was tonight) - thankfully, the Royals experienced rain delay, making the choice easier.

And thus football season is officially here.

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August 12, 2010

Hi, I'm Tammy (Part I)

I believe past actions, events and experiences define one's life in profound ways: some good, some bad. With the next several blogs, I will share some experiences that impacted me.

While a college senior, a teacher faced campus criticism for being outspoken over a cat. This special feline was adopted by students & teachers, making it a departmental mascot. This cat lived and roamed freely among the classrooms and offices of one hall. As a pet lover myself, I thought this was so cool! However, the aforementioned teacher was extremely allergic and taught in a room the cat was in frequently, thus creating health concerns. Upon her request to remove/relocate the cat, an explosion of anger and insults broke out creating campus-wide debate. Unfortunately, administration sided more with the pro-cat side, leaving the teacher to fend for herself.

When a passionate group decided to picket the unknowing teacher after her class, I warned her. Despite my love for cats, I thought the reaction was mean and wrong. Even though the picketers yelled insults as she passed by, she at least was emotionally prepared for the onslaught of hatred, and had asked a friend to escort her to her car. Two years later, that teacher told me how much she appreciated my friendship, honesty and courage to do the right thing. 

Almost twenty years later, a good friend reminded me recently, "the right thing to do is ALWAYS the right thing." I agree.

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August 11, 2010

Morning Meditation

The last step of my morning ritual includes spraying on my perfume, putting on my jewelry, and reading this verse that I wrote down on a postcard:

"Depend on the Lord; trust him, and he will take care of you." Psalms 37:5.

Regardless of the challenges weighing heavy on my mind, whether work-related or more personal in nature, this verse provides me comfort, strength and courage to face the day.

Knowing this verse has helped me, but the repetition of reading it daily and being reminded of its message is what is most powerful.

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August 9, 2010

Jewels of the Plains

If you define a "lake person" as someone who considers a camper, tent or boat her weekend home, than a lake person I am not. But we did join my sister's family at Lake Wilson, sharing all of the traditional camping experiences with Garrett: smore's, canoing, swimming, peeing in the lake while swimming...good times.

We hiked a 3-mile nature trail to discover a beautiful red-rock shoreline and beach area, only reachable by boat or foot. What a rewarding adventure, and I might add, great half-marathon preparation as the steep hills really burned my hamstrings around the 2nd mile.

I did see something I haven't seen in years: the Milky Way. No, not the candy-bar, but the cloudy cluster of stars, surrounded by the other diamond-like constellations not easily seen from my city home. As a child, I wished upon these stars; as a teenager, I dreamed about their shimmery mystery; and as an adult, I told my then-boyfriend under a starry sky I knew he was the man I would marry. However, holding my son near the campfire, pointing out the different patterns, I don't think those stars have ever been more magical.

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