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July 30, 2010

Happy Trails to Mark

With the Lark's season over, our summer son left to live his life without us. With heavy hearts, we return our belongings to the basement bathroom and pick up the pieces of our lives as we pick up the last bits of "Mark Laundry" (towels and bedding).

When we agreed to house a Lark's player, we knew we would open our home to a stranger, but we never expected him to fill our hearts. Here are a few of the highlights of the summer that we will always cherish:

-rushing out on our driveway, excited to first meet Mark and welcome him to our home. His very first words as he extended his hand out to Garrett were" "Hi, Buddy. I'm Mark." I could have kissed him for noticing my son first, and I know Garrett fell unconditionally in love with this older brother and role model.

-waking up to see his silver Audi parked in front of our house. This parked car meant he was safely sleeping in our basement after a late night of baseball, travel and/or fun.

-stocking our fridge with Coke. We are a Pepsi family, and I know I'll never look at another red Coke can and not think of him.

-(which leads me to:) seeing one of his just-barely-slit-open-but-still-empty Coke cans in our basement. For whatever reason, these cans always tickled me.

-changing his bedding to find the top sheet thrown to the floor. By the end of summer, we didn't even bother washing the sheet.

-hearing him holler or laugh while playing XBox. (But seeing this man-child sitting on my exercise ball while playing was too funny!)

-meeting his parents. Not only did we really enjoy them, Ger & I were surprised to find how much we had in common with them beyond knowing Mark.

-his hearty throw-back-his-head laugh (which we discovered is like his mom's!)

-experiencing his no-hitter game with his parents. Without a doubt, this was one of the most magical events of our lives.

As we bid Mark farewell, we would remind him of the 80's tune "Don't you, forget about me..." I can safely say the Wellbrock family will not forget Mark Phillips.

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That pen is mighty sharp

My first-ever political endorsement/letter to the editor printed yesterday. Singing solo on stage under a spotlight didn't make me feel as vulnerable as this highly-visible announcement of support did - it's a tad bit scary to purposefully place yourself under the public microscope. I'm yet again impressed with anyone wanting to be a politician (or for that matter, a coach or referee/umpire), having all actions and statements heavily scrutinized and debated. I think I'll stick to my day job.

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July 29, 2010

God Bless the Good Samaritan

On Friday, my husband and I drove by a man sitting on the side of the road, holding a sign that read "Broke, Brokedown and Hungry." As we passed, I commented that it's a shame that we don't feel safe to stop and help him. Worse yet, we drove away feeling guilty for not being courageous enough to help this fellow person.

However, last night's incident hits close to home - way too close. For more information, check out this link for the full Hays Daily News story: To sum up though, a woman driver stopped to assist a supposedly stranded 3-year old child and is then raped by a hiding man. To use an innocent child as a decoy makes me physically ill. I can't help but think about this small child stepping into oncoming traffic or worse yet, witnessing the horrible act that followed. My heart goes out to both the woman and child - I pray that both can find love, support and security to heal from their wounds.

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July 28, 2010

I feel like I got sucker-punched right in the gut. While sitting at my desk (Note to boss who is away today: working hard as always), I hear the joyful jingle that I received a text message. Grabbing my phone, I read this note from my husband: "Larks probably not in NBC...tonight last game. Mark might be going home tomorrow." Nothing joyful about this note.
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July 27, 2010

One Enchanted Evening

The scene was very similar to a clip pulled from a Kevin Costner movie with the story's hero centered in a setting of drama, suspense, and baseball. Except our stage was a pitching mound thousands of miles away from Hollywood, and the stars and fans weren't paid actors. For those of us who attended last night's Lark's baseball game, we witnessed a masterpiece known in the baseball world as a no-hitter.

What made this an especially magical moment was the star pitcher was none other than our honored "son" (and basement tenant), Mark Phillips. Sitting by Mark's actual mother Kathy, we started recognizing that Mark was on a roll around the 6th inning but no one dared jinx his pitching streak by mentioning it. (OK, I did mention something but was quickly hushed by my husband and Mark's mom, so that technically doesn't count.)

We've only known this person for a bit over a month, but the parental pride both Gerard and I felt for Mark's accomplishment was intense. Getting to share the moment with Mark's parents Richard and Kathy Phillips made the evening even more special. Way to go, Mark!

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July 26, 2010

Summer Sabbatical
Yes, it's been awhile since I've blogged, facebooked, hotmailed, or done most other electronic functions. Besides my boss (who I usually tune out anyway), several people have indicated they have missed me or my latest posted antics. I'm so honored to know that I'm missed, but truth be told: I'm glad to have taken the technical "vacation." Sometimes a much needed break can spur more energy, focus and creativity and I feel that my blog (not to mention my family and my sanity) will be the better for it.

August doesn't just mark the beginning of school, it also means that the calendar becomes more structured, the days' activities less impulsive. And after a summer of packing all that one can into the daylight-filled hours, I'm glad to get back on course.
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