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July 9, 2010

Super Star!!
Since Steve blogged about my ode to Loren, the Super Solid-State-Drive Man, I figured I would keep in line with the Super Hero theme! (Check out Steve's blog - link to the side - I must admit, I was on a roll when I created that masterpiece! HA!)

But the real Super Hero in my life is Garrett - I knew he would slide into home, so I focused in on the base and clicked at the right moment - see the picture on the side column! I can't believe I got such a great shot! (Maybe I should be called, Super Photog!)
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July 8, 2010

Culture Club

Some of my fondest memories at FHSU were spent in the basement of Picken Hall - if I take a moment, I can still conger up the distinct smells of the musty old building intermingled with hot wax and photo dark-room processing. This is where The University Leader, the campus newspaper, called home, and I spent many hours working with my journalism peers in our pursuit to get the bi-weekly publication on its way to be printed. I can still recall my first edition serving as the Editor; we barely made the 7:30 a.m. deadline as we hand-delivered the final proof to the printer after working through the night.

We worked hard and we worked long hours, but we also had fun. In fact, many of us hung out in the lab during our free time, whether to study for other classes or simply to chat with whoever else showed up. I loved the energy, the responsibility, the deadlines, the expectation, the creativity, and I created lifelong friendships. However, it wasn't until reading the book written by Zappo’s CEO Tony Heish, that I realized what about this experience that I treasured most: it was the culture of the journalism lab itself. We all pushed ourselves to be the best, and in doing so, we motivated others to do so as well. We understood that when a deadline loomed, work had to be done, but we also took time to celebrate our accomplishments during the downtime. I knew I could depend on my team, and they knew they could depend on me - and it had nothing to do about receiving a paycheck (25 cents per column inch doesn't add up too fast), a good grade or a credit hour. It was the culture that kept bringing us back together and that which has kept many of us in contact today.

I may not work in the journalism field, but I still try to bring that same energy and fun to the work place environment.

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