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June 25, 2010

Foot in mouth
Yesterday, the hot topic (yes, pun intended since it neared 100 degrees) for some odd reason was swollen feet. Unbeknown to me, many people have been suffering with ballooning appendages. What I found interesting was everyone's personal diagnosis, or reason, for the affliction, such as:
-eating too much salt
-not having supportive shoes
-sitting too long without getting up to walk occasionally
-too hot and humid
-wearing too tight of shoes
-being too heavy

Now, none of those who shared an opinion with me possess a medical background, but each opinion was stated with conviction and passion as if their fact was the one and only truth to the cause of swelling feet. I honestly don't know the correct answer, but I appreciated being open to other possibilities. Too often, I approach the world with my own viewpoint, and forget that different ideas, experiences, beliefs, or education may provide an entirely different perspective than mine. 
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June 24, 2010

Welcome home, Mark!
After a week's visit to his home in Colorado, our adopted son returned to dwell once again in our basement. OK, so he isn't our son and he isn't adopted, but Lark's pitcher Mark Phillips has certainly become one of our family members.

Mark has stayed with us for less than 3 weeks, but Ger and I talked last night how we will all be sad to see him leave at the end of summer. When Mark texted me to share he would be arriving late last night, I asked Garrett if he wanted me to send Mark a message from him. He thought briefly and said, "Tell him to drive safe." Good advice given to those we care about.
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June 22, 2010

Babbling Brooks

In college, I took a number of speech-like classes; one such class was titled Business and Professional Speaking and I seem to pull from this class experience more in my professional career than many of my other classes.

When I hit an adrenaline rush, especially when I get nervous or hyper before a presentation, I have been known to babble a little. OK, I can babble a LOT! I suppose it would be similar to a stuttering issue in that my mind thinks faster than the pace my mouth can keep up. End result equals verbal chaos. It certainly didn't help that my last name was Brooks, which helps explain the title above.

This class gave me skills, tips and confidence that I've utilized for almost 20 years now. The best advice I can pass along to others who suffer from a case of babbles: take a deep breath. Not only will this help relax you, it will also sync your brain with your mouth.

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June 21, 2010

Introducing the Sales Diva
Travelling to church service yesterday, I commented to Garrett how handsome he looked. Fanning himself with both hands, he said, "Bring on the heat." Not quite the reaction I expected, so I asked him what he meant. He replied, "Because I'm too cool."

My son definitely possesses a healthy self-confidence and I admire that greatly. Granted, he can borderline on being cocky, but usually he can balance that self-assured air with humor. I personally tend to use a self-deprecating level of humor, and as my supervisor pointed out to me, this can often create a perception that I'm lacking in confidence or expertise. Steve shared this with me after I presented at a work training session, and I appreciated his honest and candid feedback.  I do believe in my abilities but was taught at a very young age that a humble (i.e. self-degrading) demeanor kept harmony among my peers. As Steve said, there is a time and place for different levels of confidence and humor, and presenting in front of others is the best time to display extreme confidence and expertise. My personal goal is to select the appropriate level for the occasion - and perhaps try to become the "Sales Diva" during presentations. This won't be an easy habit to break, but one that I believe will be very worthwhile in improving my overall image/personal brand.
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