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June 19, 2010

Run, Garrett! Run!
When my son runs, he reminds me of the cartoon character Dash, from the movie "The Incredibles." Garrett swings his arms in a tight manner as his legs kick as fast as possible. For as much energy as he exerts though, he doesn't propel himself forward. Instead, we have a flurry of activity without much progress.

Our advice to Garrett is to make longer strides, so that he moves in a forward motion at a faster pace. It's seems simple enough but Garrett is having a hard time breaking this habit; he "feels" like he is running faster with short, choppy essence, he thinks the harder he works, the more successful he will be.

I apply this same mentality to the work environment. While working hard is admirable, working smart is always more effective, efficient and successful. Sometimes, by working smarter, you may find an easier way to accomplish the same task. Yet as easy as this philosophy is to understand in print, I observe myself and others working in a harder, slower manner. Just because we "have always done it that way," doesn't mean it is always the best way to proceed.
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June 16, 2010

Mark Schulte for Kansas 110th House District

A long-time family friend of ours, Mark Schulte, is running for state office this year, and asked me to assist with his campaign efforts. By no means am I considered his Campaign Manager, but I am thrilled to be a part of the process. I've worked on other ad or company campaigns before, but never a political one. [Check out often to see this campaign evolve during the next several weeks!]

Many fundamentals of a campaign are similar despite the purposes, but what amazes me most is the personal commitment a candidate spends, whether with time, money or energy. Mark shared that another political mentor told him to expect to lose approximately 30 pounds between now and the Primary Election (due to walking door-to-door, in parades, or just surviving the hectic schedule). A candidate has to be extremely passionate to dedicate all that is necessary to complete a successful campaign. Then after all is said and done, with much blood, sweat and tears flowing under the proverbial bridge, a candidate still may not be voted as the party's candidate to move forward to the General Election.

Having officially volunteered last night at the Schulte Campaign Headquarters (OK, so maybe we were all crowded around the Schulte dinner table, but that doesn't sound as glamorous), I was swept away by the excitement. I'm proud of Mark and believe strongly in his passion, interest, knowledge and integrity to do the job. He may not have my vote because I live in a different District, but he definitely has my support! Best of luck to you, friend!

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June 14, 2010

Like Athlete, Like Son
Like his father, Garrett is passionate (interested, obsessed...) about whatever sport is in season - currently the sport of choice is baseball. Not only does he enjoy playing ball, he also loves to recreate scenes (we see "silent" fights between umps and managers, as well as slow motion replays of great catches). His impressive-for-his-age observations skills include noticing slight changes in baseball cap design to how the catcher wears his helmet (with or without a cap) to whether the catcher rips off his mask to catch a pop fly.

Ever the performer, Garrett displayed for us how the different Kansas City Royals baseball players stand while up to bat. His daddy would name a player and viola...stance changed as needed. With one player, he might bounce his shoulder with the bat, while other times he swirled the bat high over his head, other stances included a tap on home plate. Even though I don't know the players' forms all that well, I could still identify these characteristics as being pretty-darn dead on. He was even able to mimic the pitching styles of Royal's Zack Grienke and our favorite Lark's pitcher, Mark Phillips.

My favorite "impression" though is Garrett doing a head-first slide, just like he sees in the majors. Nothing is cuter than a bobble-headed T-Baller sliding in to touch the tee on home plate. Except maybe his proud expression and smug smile as he comes panting back to the dug out.
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