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June 12, 2010

Worth the Hassle

I've now served half of my 3-year term as a Hays Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and the experience has been interesting from so many different levels. I've observed amazing feats from ordinary people trying to make a positive impact in the community they love dearly. I haven't always been prepared for some of the complicated political moments, but being in the presence of innovative and visionary business people is inspiring - I believe all of these moments, good and bad, are providing me a wonderful opportunity for professional and personal growth.

One lesson I have learned is a successful Chamber organization takes work - lots of hard, physical work - and not just from the Chamber staff but from the Board, volunteers, members, and community in general. However, events like last night make the commitment worth it. Gerard and I were invited to the annual FHSU President's Banquet, and enjoyed an evening of wining and dining Italian Style. All came together this night to celebrate their shared passion of Fort Hays State: C-Level; Alumni; Civic Leaders; Political Candidates; Faculty; and long-time supporters of FHSU.

It's always nice to be appreciated for your efforts, and to receive a hearty Grazie!

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June 11, 2010

Non-Nuclear Family

My family grew this week – specifically, you could say it grew about 6’4” taller. After years of consideration, we finally made the decision to host a Larks baseball player this summer. The Hays Larks is part of a summer collegiate baseball league, with athletes from all over the country travelling to Hays to be a part of this team. Our “son” is Mark Phillips, originally from Colorado Springs, Colo., but he’s attending school at Gonzaga University. So, beginning this past weekend, Mark officially calls our basement home, at least until August.

Through this experience, I’m learning a lot more about baseball – in fact, I now know a bit more on the purpose of a “closing pitcher” which is Mark’s position. Seeing Garrett’s pure joy at sharing his home with a Lark’s player (cue chorus of Angels singing ‘Halleluia’) has also been rewarding beyond words. But you know what the best part may be? Gerard washing the dinner dishes every night. I wonder if Mark could stay forever?

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June 10, 2010

Saved Opportunity
I almost blew it. I blindly looked past an opportunity to shine professionally while sharing my presentation skills with fellow employees. This opportunity was handed to me on a silver platter, and the sad thing is, I didn't even realize my golden moment until my boss explained it to me point blank. Embarrassing, to say the least, but I'm thankful to have enough time to adequately prepare beforehand.

Tomorrow, Steve and I will travel to a nearby office, presenting to coworkers about various offerings in our company. Granted, the information I'll present isn't all that complex or life-changing, but that is wherein lies the challenge to make the presentation entertaining - and one I'm glad my supervisor opened my eyes to see.

My guess is that no one will run home to their spouse to excitedly share "Guess what Tammy Wellbrock told us today at her presentation?!?" but at least I shouldn't have anyone snore too loudly.
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June 7, 2010

Go get the Go-Giver
Whether you are an entry-level employee, a C-level professional, a religious theologian or someone in a relationship, you must read this two book series "The Go-Giver" and "Go-Givers Sell More," written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. 

The first book is written in a parable-style format, with a fictional story sharing a thought-provoking message. The second book expands the philosophical meaning with more practical application. It's what I consider an easy read and uses a common-sense approach on bringing value into relationships (with the focus mainly on delving deeper with business relationships). However, this blog isn't intended to provide a book review - you can find many of those online. What I find most fascinating is not found between the covers of either book. Instead, it's the impact (similar to a wake left by a speed boat) caused from those inspired to positively touch others, to be Go-Givers.

For instance, my supervisor Steve Riat is part of the Heartland Technology Group (HTG) and considers its founder, Arlin Sorensen, one of his mentors. (Read pg. 25 in the second issue for more information on HTG). Steve took me to the 4th Qtr meeting last year and I was awed at the experience: meeting people from all over the world with a genuine desire to help each other success personally and professionally. I was honored to attend the event, and continue to feel the waves of impact; I've emailed occasionally with a new friend from Australia, and have established a similar support peer group for others marketing technology product and services like I do.

The largest "wave" doesn't even involve me, but again, the ripple still touches me indirectly: Steve was honored as a 2010 HTG Go-Giver Award Recipient. Congratulations, Steve - you deserve it!
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