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June 4, 2010

Hidden opportunities

How often have you or someone you know shared this complaint: "Why doesn't our company do [fill in the blank] differently?" As a supervisor, I often shared with the staff that if they caught themselves doing this and, here's the really important part, they had an answer or solution, they should tell me! Many times, people complain about a problem and while the answer seems so obvious to them, that doesn't mean the answer is obvious to the change makers. 

All of us serve an important role in alerting those in leadership roles to concerns, issues, ideas, or solutions - if my input can create positive change, than the company and employees (i.e. me and my coworkers) will be the better off. Even if I don't always see direct results from my input or disagree with the end direction, I do believe that my insight helped those making a decision to make the best one possible.

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June 3, 2010

RIP, Daisy Mae
I officially became Daisy's mommy almost 13 years ago to the day, when I told a friend, "Sure, I'll keep your cat until you find another place you can take her with you." This was the week of our wedding, and I'll never forget introducing Daisy to our "first-born kitty" Michael (let's just say, more hissing than kissing). By our second wedding anniversary, I told my friend that Daisy was ours for keeps. One dog and one kid later completed the Wellbrock zoo, and I love each and every one of my furry and not-so-furry family members.

Unfortunately, Daisy started going downhill this past year, and we had to make a tough decision. Dr. Mosier was wonderful and gentle, and I believe Daisy knew she was loved to the very last minute. At Garrett's request, all 3 of us pet her as she died, and I believe we showed our son the power of family love and support during difficult moments.
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