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May 19, 2010

Magic of Music
I just read an inspirational article regarding the power of music, especially how music plays a part in improving one's attitude or re-energizing one's spirits. Certainly, a song can evoke a memory or emotion and I believe Jeffrey Gitomer stole the "words from my mouth" as he eloquently expressed the magic of music in his life. I also appreciate his twist on how music has enhanced his selling abilities (see "Music soothes the soul, lifts the spirits, and fills the wallet.")

Music has played an important part of my life, from the early days of performing at church or school, to attending college with a vocal scholarship. Throughout most of my childhood, I recall sitting on the edge of our family's corral singing my heart out, pretending the penned-up cattle was a crowd of adoring fans at my own concert. The natural high I received from performing in a musical or earning a I-rating on my vocal solo at State, provided me an adrenaline rush like no other (and one that I cannot produce even after drinking two bottles of Mountain Dew!)

I embrace music, especially singing, for emotional release and fulfillment, and I've often considered singing for weddings, funerals and Sunday choir as my gift and obligation for being blessed vocally. To say I "grew up" with music is an understatement; music helped me create my identity, survive junior high, salvage broken hearts, meet creative and talented people, celebrate life's major moments, and welcome my son into this world. Case in point, this Mother's Day my husband and son gave me the best gift ever: they sang with me for our church's musical special. I may not have made it big time in the singing career, but music remains one of my greatest passions still today.
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