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May 3, 2010

And the moment was...

Garrett's first Important Moment was also mine, as he lost his 3rd tooth, but his first top tooth Friday evening. (Saturday morning came and a little boy raced to make sure the Tooth Fairy hadn't forgotten him!) Since cousin Darci already lost her 3rd tooth a week ago, Garrett was a bit antsy to catch up, so this loss was pretty important indeed.

Pondering previous important moments, I realized I tend to share singular moments on Facebook, but not on this blog. So, here's a wrap up of other moments that still linger in my memory and heart:

-Wanting to vacuum where he played, I told Garrett that he needed to move his baseball game off of the floor so I could sweep. Without missing a beat, my son said "and now let's break for a 15-second station identification." (For those of you who would like to glimpse a preview of what Garrett will grow up to be, check out Gerard Wellbrock's "Radio Voice of the Tigers" Sports Blog!)

-While most of his illustrations can be lacking due to his impatient nature, one left no room for confusion. He brought home from Kindergarten an assignment pertaining to Clifford the Red Dog series. He had to fill in the blanks "A good friend always..." and "A good friend never..." Well, our son finished his as "A good friend never pitches and hits the batter in the pee-pee." Yep, a big red circle covers our stick-batter right in the you-know-where.

-Whatever the sports season, Garrett will play, watch, read and mimic the sport wholeheartedly. He loves to change his clothes to match the color of his team during March Madness; our back-yard fence serves well for home runs (and sticks for out-of-bounds markers); and nothing is better than going to FHSU football practice with Dad (unless the team DARES to practice in the area he has deemed his part of the field). We have witnessed on many occasions Garrett coming out on the field/court for team introductions, being the coach, drumming in the marching band, singing the National Anthem, calling time-outs, and sitting in the locker room or dug out.

-Before many games (pretend and otherwise), I have been known to prop our American Flag pole into the sofa cushions and sing the National Anthem, while my son either crosses his heart (like a fan) or stands w/his hands behind his back (like a player).

-Wearing a KC Royal's baseball hat, with the bill forward, I watched Garrett perform a silent rendition of the coach upset over an ump's call. I only know this, because he later switched to another hat, bill backward this time, to face the other way and "respond."

-And on really special occasions, my son will set aside the "sports hat" to sing a song with me at church. I'm especially excited for this Mother's Day, when he, Gerard and I sing "This is the Day," as a trio for the service. More to be told on this next week!

Thanks for letting me share my Important Moments with you!

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