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April 30, 2010

Most Important Moment
Today, the Wellbrock home officially launched the "Most Important Moment." This is our attempt to connect with our young son while helping him learn how to communicate more effectively with us.

My husband and I understand the importance of developing this dialogue and rapport now, so that when he matures, he will know he can talk to us about anything. Unfortunately, our son currently doesn't know what to say, gets overwhelmed and then usually answers:  "I don't remember - school was too long ago." (Yet, this same lad can tell you who the Royals will play on June 3 when we visit; heck, he can even tell you who they played at our last visit!)

So on our morning trek to school, he and I talked about this, and how he will know THE moment to share with us at the moment when he lives it. As I told him, he only has to remember ONE moment, and I promise to not keep him talking so that he misses out on his beloved play time. "It's a win-win for us all; we get to know more about your day, and you spend less time talking to us and more time playing," I explained, as we sealed our new pact with a fist bump.

As we drove closer to school, I could tell he was contemplating this new arrangement when he asked "But what if I have more than one moment to share?" (Aha! My ulterior plan at work!) I told him that is his decision to share more, and I can't wait for this evening to hear about his important moment. Now I wonder what MY important moment will be for today?
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April 26, 2010

More about war
Just in time to feed our ongoing war/history obsession, the History Channel is airing a new series titled "America - The Story of Us." Last night, we caught the show on the Revolutionary War and so now I share some quick thoughts:
-at what time did modern military realize that wearing brightly colored uniforms made them an easier target? Although the British troops did look good in red (maybe because it didn't show the blood stains??)
-Sharp shooters first target weren't the British generals as you would think. Instead, they targeted the native American scouts - without them, the enemy didn't have knowledge of the terrain and countryside.
-George Washington wasn't just brilliant in war strategy, he was also brilliant in working the underground spy network, which included people inside the British army to local "drunkards" to women who hung their laundry certain ways to provide coded messages.
-The US military were some of the first to use modern-day guerrilla warfare tactics, by hiding in the forest and attacking by surprise. At Valley Forge, the men were trained to use bayonets, a "new" device that added another level of strategy and skill.

As with the Civil War, I am again so impressed with the bravery of these men and women who fought for their passion, knowing that even a simple meeting would get them hanged for treason. To think that a few men (i.e. our Founding Fathers) would have the intelligence, vision, creativity, courage and ability to create a document that would continue to remain a profound guiding tool for our nation centuries later.
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