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April 16, 2010

Walk this way

The law states that pedestrians get the right of way over vehicles - I get it, I respect it, I do my best to drive safely for me, my passengers and those around me whether they are driving or walking.

What I don't get are those who walk right in front of my car's path WITHOUT any turn of their head, arrogant and ignorant, often times not using a crosswalk. Is their goal to win a lawsuit from a wheelchair?

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April 14, 2010

Oh My Gosh Gary!

My dad never ceases to amaze me.
This man who:
-rarely gives more than a $1 for a tip.
-asks for underwear each Christmas (you always need a new pair!).
-his favorite gift is a roll of chew (again, something you always need!).
-loves to garage sale, loves to dicker on a buy, loves to save a dime.
-is OK with a student beautician practice on his hair so he can pay less for a cut.

This same man calls and votes on American Idol.
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April 13, 2010

Breaking up IS hard to do

Friday night, my son made a sad announcement...his is best friend "broke up with him."
As I understand from his recount, Garrett chose playing basketball alone during recess, rather than playing with his friend, which thus caused the part of the friend-no-more.

Come Monday morning, he worried himself to the point of a tummy ache, thinking that other kids in his class would "break up with me and then I won't have any friends." We were ALL relieved to find this didn't hold true, and no break ups took place today.

While Kindergarten is a young age to start this kind of peer pressure, I was proud that Garrett stood firm in his desire to do his own thing, despite the "then I won't be your friend anymore" threat. I asked Garrett how he responded when his friend shared that; he said, "I told him, 'Fine.'" Learning how to stand his ground now will hopefully give him the courage and skill to do so later in life when the pressure is even tougher.

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April 12, 2010

Power of humor

A few weeks ago, I attended the one-day Kansas Women’s Leadership Conference. I’ve attended in the past, and always find it informative and enjoyable. This year, the key-note speaker was a humorous motivational speaker that blended stand-up comedy with a thought-provoking message. The main point she stressed was life is funniest when it “sucks the most.” The reason is we humans seek humor to reduce stress; this explains why people fall into hysterics at the most inappropriate moments.

One story she shared was one I was familiar with but had never viewed it from her perspective. The popular childhood ditty, “Ring Around the Rosy” was created in Europe during the Bubonic (Black) Plague. To summarize the song’s meaning, the plague created “Rosy Rings” on the skin indicated death followed soon. Flowers (or “Posies”) were placed in the deceased pockets to reduce the stench. The bodies were then burned to avoid further contamination (“Ashes, Ashes…”).

This obviously was a bleak and traumatic time for all experiencing the plague first-hand. Mothers taught children this song giving them basic tools – fun and humor – to help them survive during this tragic time. What a profound example of the healing power of humor – it also makes me wonder how I use humor in my everyday “troubles.” Isn’t it true how some days, some moments, the only thing you can do is laugh?

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