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April 8, 2010

Conference Recap
With any conference, I try to bring back several learning moments, tidbits or other helpful information to positively impact me professionally or personally. So, here is a brief list of those items:
·         As a word smith, I focused on powerful or colorful phrases that Nex-Tech might be able to use for future ad campaigns, such as “Expert on Demand” (wow, this really sums up what we are all about in my department!); and “Link in the Chain” to describe Nex-Tech being that bridge or “link” between the equipment and the application of the technology itself.
·         Another marketing campaign idea to pass along to our Marketing Team is a “March Madness” spin; since the first day of the tournament is the lowest productive day at an office and a huge strain on the network (since people are video streaming the game or researching scores/stats online), Nex-Tech should promote a content filtering program to better manage your network so the “Madness” doesn’t spread into the work day.
·         Propose three new ventures for our group: Total Communicate (a unified communications solution); Total Berry (a BlackBerry server/handset solution); and Total Video (a Polycom solution for a managed video service). 

For those of you not familiar with my work role specifically, here are some other observations from the conference in general:
·         If you are touting your business as an expert or one working with Fortune 500 companies, make sure your presentation isn’t full of typos. (Wow, I was amazed at how many errors were displayed on the big screen by “professionals.”) Heck, this advice works well for any business and any professional regardless of company size or industry.
·         One company referred to Savannah, GA (population 330,000) as mid-sized. Funny, we call that a majorly-big-time city in Kansas.
·         It’s very evident in the technology field to pick out those who work in Sales and those who work in Technical – very evident.

Of the approximately 200 people attending the event, I only saw three other women not associated with the host business. All of them, including me, are in Sales or Marketing.
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April 7, 2010

California Dreamin'
[Editor’s note: I wrote this while at the conference but since I didn’t want to pay for the Internet connection at the hotel, this was posted after returning home.] Today, I am in sunny Irvine, California, about 15 minutes from the beach, and it is a beautiful spring day. I’m staying at a fantastic Marriott Hotel amid palm trees, flowers and green lawns – quite a stretch from the just-starting-to-thaw plains of Kansas. Most likely the drive to and from the airport is probably the extent of my sightseeing (with the exception of my hotel window view), because this quick two-day trip is for business purposes only.

Yet as conferences go, this one is tops. From the flight to the accommodations to the food, I am extremely impressed. Our host, a vendor who believes in rewarding its partners, provided this all-expenses-paid learning excursion for me and a coworker. Throughout my professional career, I have never seen businesses “court” another business like vendors do my employer. Not only does this astound me, I’m proud to work for a company that the industry respects, admires and values in such a visible manner.

Now, if I could just sneak in a bit of time to work on my tan.
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April 5, 2010

Doctor knows best!
Remember the lunch I shared with my son at his school? Well after eating, I decided to tag along as the teacher herded the youngsters into the classroom to read the beloved book "Green Eggs and Ham." The kids knew it so well; they were parroting the teacher as she read (just picture 23 chirps of "Sam-I-am" in unison!) The kids loved the book and I enjoyed watching their rapt wide-eyed faces as they leaned on every word.

I, too, have enjoyed snuggling with my son fresh from a bath, reading this book for his nighttime ritual. I also remember the hilarious monologue given by Rev. Jesse Jackson as he performed a dramatic reading on SNL. In all of my experiences with this particular literature, I have narrowly viewed it as a book encouraging children of all ages to try and be open to new things and ideas. As the book suggests, you never know, you might just like it!

Yet, while balancing my tush on a way-to-small-for-me chair, a new reality struck me. Is this not the ultimate sales guide? Sam-I-am never gives up even though he is met with hostility and excuse after excuse, nor does he take anything personally. Instead, he keeps trying to explore new possibilities to open the eyes of a stubborn and not-so-willing customer. In the end, Sam's perseverance pays off. Say, I do like that Dr. Seuss, I do!
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April 4, 2010

Easter wishes

Through the years, Easter has become my favorite holiday, with the blending of Christianity rebirth and that of Spring. My soul and my heart fill with a hope and excitement for a chance at new beginnings (whether this means a new lawn, a new garden or a new outlook!).

For me, Easter symbolizes the definition of Christianity, faith and spirituality. It is because of Easter, and the belief in something more, something better, that I cling to during times of trouble, sorrow, despair or fear. This foundation of hope provides me comfort and peace, especially when I think of loved ones who aren't with us anymore, such as grandparents, family and friends. My heart goes out especially to Aunt Mary, Doug, Krista, Michelle and their families as they spend this first Easter without Uncle Art. I can't help but smile whenever I think of Uncle Art and what a fun place Heaven must be now with him sharing his laughter, smiles and practical jokes with the other angels.

Whether those reading this blog are my friends, family or strangers, peace be with you on this Easter day and for many days to come.

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