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April 3, 2010

What a month!

The boy I sent to Kindergarten is not the same now as he was in August. Yeah, yeah, state the obvious Tammy, but I cannot get over how much Garrett has learned (or better yet, figured out) in the month of March. He's been reading and doing simple math for some time, but now he can carry the one when adding as well as complete a few multiplication problems. In addition, he's also telling time and understanding money (coins/dollars), as well as can skip and wink.

Maybe the most noticeable change happened last week at Pizza Hut when he saw a classmate. Until this day, he never paid much attention to girls, (usually a word said with scorn or disdain) but once he saw this little cutie munching on her pizza, I saw him change right before my eyes! My, but did he get silly, and of course, kept glancing over HER way to see if she noticed his cleverness. Can't wait to see what April brings.

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April 2, 2010

After weeks of begging me to join him for his school lunch, I finally shared a meal with Garrett and 23 other 5/6-year-olds. Even though I can pass on the sweaty hugs and dirty hands reaching for mine, I do get a kick out of these youngsters' interactions and dynamics at work.

While prying open my milk carton (seriously - haven't we progressed enough to get an easier opening to the milk?) one of Garrett's classmates leaned over her tray to tell me that Garrett got into trouble at school. "Oh, really?" I replied unaware, as my son's head snapped to glare her way. She went on to share that one day in music class, Garrett wouldn't stop talking and the substitute teacher had to scold him. I watched my son's face morph into a look somewhere between crap-I-got-caught and why-won't-she-just-shut-up? I figured if he really did get into Trouble (note the Capital T), I knew I would have heard about the incident from the school, so I wasn't too bothered. What did strike me as interesting was the pure look of smug satisfaction on the girl's face as she relayed every sordid detail.

Later that night at our family supper, we had a chance to make this a parental moment, sharing how important it is for Garrett to let us know first of situations before we hear it from other people. It opened up great dialogue at the dinner table, and so I asked Garrett how he felt during the classmate's disclosure. He told me it made him mad: "She was happy about telling you I got into trouble, and that wasn't being very nice." I admit, I thought the same thing. It was a good lesson for Garrett in being upfront and honest with us, but it was also good for me to see Garrett's understanding of nonverbal cues and body language.
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March 30, 2010

If you can't say something nice...

Today I received some bad news. To be specific, it was bad news about me and the manner in which I'm performing a task. Unfortunately, I heard this from a third party, and not from the source.

When possible, I try to stop anyone from sharing this type of hurtful information. I've been known to ask, "will this information you are about to share help me be a better person? Will it change something I'm doing so I'm more productive or positive or effective?" If the answer is no, I believe then the information shared is only going to accomplish one thing: hurt my feelings. Which is usually the point and I would rather not play the game if I can help it.

However, now I am aware of someone's negative impression of me, and I have no way to defend or explain my actions or yet, better understand the original complaint. (Thankfully, this isn't related to my day job, which does provide a huge amount of relief.) That country song said it well in stating "I wish I didn't know now, what I didn't know then." I'm no better off knowing that Mr. ABC thinks I don't do a good job - at least by being stupid or unaware, I was happier!

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