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March 10, 2010

Teacher Steve

While I attended the FHSU Conference BBall Tourney in KC last week, my boss graciously guest-taught my class during my absence. To help "ensure" attendance, I told the class they had to submit a one-page write-up of the presentation on what they learned or observed. 

I've seen Steve present before and was also familiar with this particular presentation, so I wasn't too surprised by the positive student feedback. His presentation included approximately 300 Power-Point slides all presented at a fast almost shotgun approach with various thought-provoking trivia or other interesting statistical data interwoven throughout. However, I just completed reading 28 write-ups (two excused absences I might add, so good attendance for this guest!) over how great he was, so excuse me if I'm just a wee bit nauseous. Actually I'm probably more jealous because many of the "wonderful" tips they said Steve shared with them are some that I've already told them! I guess delivery does count more than I thought!

Seriously though, their reactions pleased me, and Steve accomplished what I had hoped he would with a room-full of soon-to-be professionals: get them to self-reflect on their future plans and perhaps have a more realistic approach to this process. I also was amazed at how many students listened to the same schpeal, yet each filtered, processed, retained, and/or reacted to the information in a unique manner. All in all, Steve got them thinking. Give Steve an A+ for a job well done!

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March 8, 2010

Life simplified
My son shared a profound thought the other day - he told me that it was easy to tell whether he was going #1 or #2 simply by looking at the direction his feet were facing.

His reaction stunned me in two ways - first, I was amazed at his spatial perception and ability to "look" at himself from another point of view. Second, he simplified a routine process in a creative and concise manner. Granted, we are talking about how my son goes potty, but you need to look past the topic and see his communication style at work. It's rare for adults to be able to step outside themselves and evaluate or dissect honestly. Maybe it's because my son is brilliant, or perhaps children simply have less mental clutter to get in the way of the bigger picture. Either way, he continues to teach me in his innocent, direct and wise way.
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