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March 1, 2010

Tuckered out!

The more worn out my son gets, the wilder he acts - triggering my parental warning that a melt-down may not be far behind. After a wild, hectic and late-to-bed weekend, the alarms went off loud and clear this afternoon after picking him up from school. It didn't help that right after dropping his school book bag on the kitchen floor, he gets his basketball stuck after attempting his first shot. It sent him over the edge when I refused to climb a ladder and go fetch.

A few minutes later, we were to full-blown water works, accusing me of not loving him since I wouldn't even TRY to get his ball. And Dad had at least an hour before he went on-air for his Monday night radio show - plenty of time to roof walk! Wisely, I took the blows head on, while moving our way to the bed. He continued to sob-complain as he snuggled beside me, letting me rub his back, arms and legs (sure Mommy-sign this is one TIRED kid). Finally, he took one last garbled sigh and cried out to me "do you understand?"

I did. Sometimes, a good cry in the arms of someone who loves and supports you no matter what is the best way to truly relax and get a sound sleep. And sleep he did. His "bedtime" tonight was 5:30 p.m. and he missed supper and all! I think I'll follow his lead - good night!

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February 28, 2010

March Madness in February

With all stars aligned for a rare free weekend from Gerard calling an FHSU Basketball game, we decided to spend the Saturday attending, you guessed it, a basketball game! We travelled to Stillwater, OK, to watch KU play OSU (and unfortunately see KU lose to them, but what energy at the coliseum!) This was the first Div I game both Garrett and I have seen, and it was such a joy to experience it with him.

It all started with Garrett, snuggled between Mom and Dad in the hotel king-sized bed, waking up early to whisper excitedly, "it's Saturday morning and I get to watch KU basketball!" He loved every minute: the arena; the player introductions; the noisy energetic crowd; Bill Self on the sidelines; Pistol Pete shooting his gun; and of course, the GAME! His blue eyes twinkled at the KU dunks and scrunched in frustration at their turnovers. Even though KU lost, his spirits were healed by visiting with his favorite radio announcer of all time, Bob Davis. (Dad ranks as his 4th favorite, below Davis, KSU's Wyatt Thompson and Chief's Mitch Holtus, in that order!)

Perhaps the best part of the weekend for little G is watching the recorded game over and over at home! My favorite part - enjoying it with my family. Now we are off to watch Fort Hays play for the last home game this regular season. Next week, off to KC for conference tournament! The Madness has officially begun!

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Duh, Mom.

Dropping my son off at school Friday morning, he saw someone walking into the building. "Look, there's Mrs. Luck!" Thinking she might be a classmate's mom or a teacher's aide, I asked him if she was in his classroom. His response: "Mom, she's a grownup. Have you ever seen a kid that big in my class before?"

Nope, can't say that I have.

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