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February 9, 2010

Making peace in the middle
Technically, I am the "baby" of the family - by 10 minutes. I have 2 siblings: my twin brother, born first, and my sister, who is four years older. As far as sibling relationships go, I've been blessed. Growing up, I was inseparable with my twin and got along well with my sister, but just didn't have as much in common then with her. Now as adults living in the same city just blocks away from each other, my sister and I are best friends. Those two though, often locked horns (and still do), which placed me in a unique position...usually one the required me to sit between them. At lunch, I sat between them. In the back seat of our car, I was in the middle on the hump all scrunched up, just because they would bicker and pester each other. I served as the safety zone - no punches or jabs, physically or verbally were to go past me (ask me later how well that worked).

But I learned a lot during my time in the "middle." I learned how to negotiate, to get along, to pacify, to empathize, to listen and to make peace. And yes, I learned how to fight fairly and to stand up for myself. Whether in the workplace or at home, I still use and enhance these skills today. I am fortunate to got the chance to "practice life" on my siblings and can't help but wonder what skills my son will take with him into adulthood as an only child?
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