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February 3, 2010


This simple word holds much power in my opinion, and I believe it provides the foundation to which all relationships are formed. Whereas Love is something you feel, Respect is a manner in which you treat another. Yes, I love my husband, but it is through my respect for him and our relationship that I treat him kindly, considerately, and compassionately. (I may JOKE that I don’t, but Gerard knows my sincerity here!) I may or may not like coworkers throughout my many careers, but regardless, I must Respect their opinion and their right to be heard, acknowledged and to be treated fairly. Just by being human earns me a basic level of respect, but I hope my actions will earn even greater respect from others. And when I don’t behave accordingly, I need to humbly ask for forgiveness.

So, why the soap box, you wonder? Because I marvel at how easily it is for some to lose this element of decency. Why would someone choose to be disrespectful to me, when I am simply lending my talents, time and/or experience so that they can benefit? I don’t care if they use my advice or my direction, but I don’t understand their need to react as if my ideas or actions are useless or stupid. Combining body language with brash or snotty retorts certainly rounds out the picture, and I’m left astounded, especially when I’ve done nothing to initiate the behavior. What really is the point to being so negative?

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February 1, 2010

Another year...
Yep, I celebrated another birthday (yeah, yeah, so did my twin, all of you funny people out there), and I get the unique view of looking back on a decade before entering a new one next year. I can honestly say the 30's are the best yet. Having my first (and only) child just shy of turning 33 was a highlight for sure, but what a treat to share life's experiences with my husband. Of course, how can I look back at past celebrations (whether as a kid or not) and not remember the fun? Having a twin brother to celebrate each year certainly made the day even more special, probably because I always had a friend to play and celebrate with!

When I dropped my son off at school the morning of my birthday, he told me "Have a great day, my birthday girl." How cute is that? This may seem silly, but the night of my birthday was spent at the McDonald's Play House with my son, my parents, my sister, her husband and their daughter - and I had a great time! While the kids played, we adults talked and laughed over Cafe Mocha's. Getting older makes you realize the simple things are really what makes you happiest. 

And I must admit, having a job that I really enjoy adds a nice touch. Hopefully those of you who read the previous blog saw my "tongue-in-cheek" remarks regarding my boss. I know he reads my blog faithfully, and I really did enjoy ribbing him a bit more! The fact that I can tease him and know he will appreciate a good joke made it even more worthwhile. So, in light of my birthday, I would also like to publicly thank him for NOT showing any ugly pictures of me to my fellow coworkers, or calling me late in the night to wake me up. (He probably knows I need ALL the beauty sleep possible!) Here's to another great year ahead!
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