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January 21, 2010

See you later, Alice

Since the time we found out that a good friend of ours was diagnosed with lung cancer last fall, we had heavy hearts waiting for the news that we received this week: Alice has passed away. I've known Alice for almost ten years, and even though she was in her 90's, she didn't play a grandmotherly role in my life; she was my friend. If I can leave a legacy similar to Alice's, I'll consider my time on earth successful. So, to tribute properly this dear lady is to copy the words her family wrote for her in the local paper:

"She was a lovely and true friend, and all who knew Alice were touched by her ready smile, her warm humor, her beautiful blue-eyed gaze and her unconditional love. Her natural goodness was easily recognizable in her warm, generous, kind manner, in her sparkling eyes and in her hearty laugh. Alice was a humble and deeply compassionate person with a special place in her heart for the downtrodden, the "underdog" and the less fortunate. Her understanding and wisdom made her a natural refuge for the troubled at heart. She countered conflict with soothing love, and she gave her healing love to everyone, accepting others just as they were. She was an eager student of life and of humankind with a wondrous childlike curiosity and a buoyant spirit. With a song always on her lips and gratitude in her huge heart, Alice was a beautiful soul with a dauntless sense of optimist and a gentle love for all life. As she advanced so delightfully in years, her heart remained graceful, youthful and open. Alice was a pure spirit and a source of great inspiration and joy to everyone who had the great fortune to meet her, know her and share her heart."

Beautiful words, beautiful person. Rest in peace, my friend.

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January 19, 2010

Family Fun Night

Despite hectic schedules that absorb evening and weekend time, my husband and I work hard at offering as much stability and quality time for our son as we can. With the thanks of a Christmas gift, we now have had much family bonding around the board-game 'Sorry!' Nothing brings glee to the eyes of a six-year-child than sliding down a stretch, knocking out Mom or Dad's pawn. Except maybe sending one of us back to our home base! (And how is it that Garrett always picks up the 'Sorry' Card right when I'm about to enter the Safety Zone?!?!?!) Garrett is delighted at the idea of Family Fun Night and is disappointed that we can't play games every night!

I'm amazed at how much we are able to learn and share over that square board. Besides the simple enjoyment of being with each other, Gerard and I share our own childhood stories while getting to know Garrett better. Plus, Garrett learns how to better count, strategize and understand rules (both the game's rules and how to be a good sport - win OR lose). And when I have to place my pawn, yet again, in my Home circle, I listen to that childish voice state "SORRRRRRRRRY" and keep smiling, because I know the fun is only just beginning.

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