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January 13, 2010

Shared Responsibility

While listening to the morning radio show, I heard a story on how philosophers will gather from across the nation to debate this issue: Are the wealthy ethically or morally responsible for providing money to the poor? This may be the basis for Capitalism vs Socialism or Democrat vs Republican, but I can tell you exactly what I tell my son: you are responsible for you. You, and only you, are responsible for the choices you make, and thus you must face the consequences of your choices. One decision I made was to have a child. With that choice, I believe, is my own obligation to teach him the power and joy of giving as well as receiving. However, life is full of shades of grey, so here is where I must acknowledge "the other side:" living a life self-absorbed and lacking compassion and understanding for others is lonely and empty. Giving to others, whether less fortunate or in need, can have a positive impact not only with the receiver but with the benefactor. I've both experienced and witnessed an increase in self-confidence, self-image and joy because of the sharing exchange. While I don't support government mandates in forcing the wealthy to give to the poor, wouldn't it be nice if everyone shared the Go-Giver philosophy?

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