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December 30, 2009

Resolutions, take two.

A friend shared with me that my last blog on New Year's Resolutions was weak - I guess he didn't catch my attempt at humor. So, on the off chance others might also have misread the blog (ever the optimist, I do believe others read this!), I'll share some real goals I have for the upcoming year.

Goal #1: Last year's goal was to teach one class for FHSU - although I achieve this a year late, I will officially embark on my teaching journey starting this Spring Semester. So, my first goal is to successfully complete my instructor tasks while balancing my duties at Nex-Tech, my family and the rest of the goals below. Oh, and it would also be great to influence a few of the students positively as well.

Goal #2: Continue dedicating time each week to share with my husband and son. With busy jobs and lives, our priority has been for either Gerard and/or me to spend time with Garrett in evenings and weekends, so he can have quality home time. When we were kids, our moms stayed home, giving us a stability and security that we can't give to Garrett. We work hard at maintaining a healthy balance and I want to continue doing my part for this goal.

Goal #3: When Goal #2 isn't compromised, schedule periodic date nights for Gerard and me so our relationship can remain solid. Just as I believe in nurturing Garrett, our marriage needs nurturing and commitment to remain fulfilling and healthy.

Goal #4: Yes, I do have professional goals as well, but they are more continuances of what I established last year. I want to keep reading and attending professional courses/events as well as expand my horizons to new ideas and experiences. I also want to develop stronger sales skills, technical knowledge and networking abilities. If 2010 is anything like 2009, I'll implement this goal on a daily basis.

Goal #5: Pay off my credit card and car loan by July.

Goal #6: Practice singing in church choir so I'm vocally able to sing in a wedding this September, perform specials during church services and share songs during the Christmas season.

Goal #7: Last but not least, take care of my physical well being. I was able to keep off most of the weight loss I achieved in early spring, but I still want to lose another 5 to 10 pounds. More importantly, I need to maintain a doable exercise regime for overall health and stress relief.

Goals 1-4 are more than New Year Resolutions, they embody deep-rooted beliefs I embrace and strive to achieve every year. I am sure these goals can be better developed and defined, but I'm pleased with what I've set so far.

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December 29, 2009

Ditto on Last Year's Resolutions
Ah, tis the season to set goals only to invent creative excuses in a few months as to why I couldn't achieve said goals. But this year, yes, this year will be different. Here are the 3 goals I've set for 2010:
Goal 1: Give up something for Lent. For years, I've watched my husband give up cussing for Lent while I remain with my sailor ways. Not so this year! I don't give a damn how hard it will be - I'm going to be successful. (Trust me, if I can do this, I've really made quite a sacrifice for the better.)
Goal 2: Watch every TV episode of Prison Break, 24, and Moonlighting. You see, I've never been able to stick to an exercise routine. But I like watching TV while I walk on my treadmill. So, I figure if I can get into a series or two, then I'll be more motivated to exercise. Come hell or high water, I will watch these shows whether I am on the treadmill or not!
Goal 3: Pay off my credit card by this summer. I've already given up my Weight Watchers membership to help with this effort (which makes Goal 2 even more important). I thought about freezing my credit card in a block of ice, but then I'd be sure to break Goal 1 when it came time to bust into that frozen chunk for summer vacation.

Whatever your resolutions may be this year, may you be successful or, at least, enjoy yourself while breaking them! Happy New Year!
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