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December 18, 2009

The signal is a sign.
While stopped at an intersection, I waited for an oncoming vehicle to pass. Before it crossed my path, it turned. I was DISGUSTED! If this jerk of a driver was considerate enough to use his blinker, I thought, I could have already been on my way! UGH! As I turned, I realized I hadn't used my blinker to signal my intentions either. Guess I better focus on my own actions before complaining about others!
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December 16, 2009

Too Tall of a Fence
In keeping with the fence theme of this blog, I wonder how good you are at building fences? Me, I’m pretty good and didn’t even realize it. However, my fence expertise lies in the proverbial ones that help hide me from the world or, better yet, make other people jump higher and higher just to reach me.A very dear friend told me once that my lack of listening as well as my tendency to interrupt did just this very thing. I admit, her words stung when I first heard them. ‘She’s wrong, I don’t do that,’ I surmised. But I kept repeating this thought until later that night, I nonchalantly repeated the story to my husband. He, knowing me so well, responded in exactly the right way – he laughed. (WHAT?!?!) Yep, he laughed and said, “She sure has you pegged.”

Through the years, this friend has taught me many wonderful and valuable life lessons. These lessons weren’t always easy for me to hear, and probably not that easy for her to say, but I will always appreciate her honesty, courage and genuine desire to help me be better. I guess you could say she gave me the hammer I need to keep those fences down!

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December 15, 2009

Thar's silver in them thar clouds!

My poor husband, he puts up with me butchering cliches - when asking him to give me one I continuously say wrong, he gave me two: "house and hold" and "six dozen, one half the other." I suspect others in my world have also heard this spoken-out-loud stupidity, but are too polite to say anything (except of course, for my boss, my sister, her husband, my parents, my brother...). So, let's come full circle to my title - it probably left you scratching your head (assuming you even read this far in!) I could have titled it "Storm clouds in sheep's clothing" but I wanted to put a positive spin to my article.
However I try to phrase it, the point I'm trying to make is that change is happening in my department. While details will unfold later, my current role will shift in a way that is still yet to be defined. This definitely forces me and my coworkers out of our comfort zones. But is this necessarily bad? I mean, with the economy in the condition it is, I'm fortunate to have a job I like at a company that has a 9-year history of treating me pretty well. Yes, change is uncomfortable, but it can also provide new, unforeseen opportunities, such as shining at a new task, learning a new skill or expanding professional horizons. So whether you call it a spilled half-cup full of milk, or cracked eggs in one basket, I plan to search for all the silver-lined clouds I can find, as well as eat my cake and frosting, too!

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December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Darci!

Today my niece turns 5. She has two other siblings, but there is an eight-year difference between the youngest two (we like to call her the New Orleans Souvenir). Having only one child, a son, myself, Darci has become the daughter and sister we Wellbrocks will ever have. You know what, we couldn't have been more blessed!

Darci is an absolute joy - probably because she sees so much joy and wonder in the world around her! She has captured the hearts of many (and not just us biased family members). Sure, she is naturally cute and charming, but she can meet strangers with ease. (Not meaning stranger danger types here, she is a cautious child when needed.) Her technique or secret? I think it is because she is interested in other people and she believes that only positive things will come about the interaction with others. Because of her fun friendly behavior, genuine and positive manner, and naturally inquisitive style, people are drawn to her of all ages. For instance, after attending her older brother's 8th grade basketball game, the opposing team's fans yelled goodbye to her after the game. Her secret to networking isn't really a secret - she simply makes people feel good about themselves, just by spending time with her.

Have a great day, Darci! Your Aunt Tammy loves you very much!

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December 13, 2009

Yes, Garrett, there is a Santa Claus.
While watching 'Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer,' my five-year-old son turned to me and confidently stated: "I know this isn't real." I admit, this caught my attention and I quickly prompted him to explain. "I know reindeer don't have shiny red noses and there isn't a monster at the North Pole." He shared more of his deep wisdom, saying reindeer can fly only when Santa wants them to. Hmmm...what does a Mom say to that? I simply nodded, squeezed his hand, and snuggled in more to finish out the movie.

Yet, I know there are some non-believers who would scold me for encouraging the fantasy and myth, regardless of my son's age. But I think believing in Santa and the mystery of Christmas is something far more powerful than a childhood fantasy. Believing without seeing is really the basis of spirituality, and in my case, Christianity. And what better role model is there than Santa, helping children better understand kindness, giving, positive action, miracles and hope? He is a tangible symbol that children can relate to and learn from, and Santa has aided many parents, me included, in teaching powerful life lessons to children.

Yes, Garrett, I do believe in Santa Claus, the birth of Jesus and in the Spirit of Christmas. Thank you for helping me realize this again through your innocent, trusting and loving way! Merry Christmas, sweetheart!
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