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December 11, 2009

Hind Sight is 20-15

I returned from my last “post-op” visit and I can now officially consider my Lasik eye surgery last January a success. After having (-7) vision and glasses since 4th grade, I am now seeing better than I have ever seen in my life. Even the doctor’s assistant told me to “stop showing off” when I bedazzled them all by reading the eye chart’s bottom line with only one mistake (that would make me almost 20-10 vision). In her 20 years in Optometry, the assistant has only seen 4 to 5 people with that healthy of vision – hurray for me!

Looking back now, I’m so thankful I took that scary leap of faith and had the surgery. If I knew then what I know now, I would have had this surgery years earlier! Of course, decisions are so much clearer after the decision has been made – and where would we be without Monday morning quarterbacks or other analysts (professional or otherwise) to critique every step?

I recently made a decision to purchase a Kirby vacuum (yes, there are still door-to-door salesman and suckers to be sold out there) and I probably didn’t make the best choice after I’ve had time to research further (i.e. listen to others tell me how I got suckered). One thing I’ve learned whether I’m buying a high-cost item, making a major career choice or some other heavy decision, sometimes the only wrong decision is to not make one at all. I may look back at times and wish I would have taken different action – but I know I have something to learn from for next time. In the long run, I would rather my hind-sight shows wrong action than no action at all.
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